Can a cartoon band make it in the real world? The Soul Jump Show is an 11-minute comedy series featuring a band of mismatched friends trying to get their music heard in a place where no one wants to listen! When we say ‘real world’ we really mean it, as the show mixes live-action with animation (think ‘Who Framed Roger Rabit’ meets ‘Flight of the Conchords’) The Frontman of the band is Ricky Clep - a super imaginative, ultra-creative dude that sees the world in a very different way! Dreamer Ricky, cynical egg drummer Colin, excitable party rap artist Jerakim, cool streetwise Joy, wanna be emo-kid Rickelle (Ricky's firey but fun younger sis), mysterious techno-geek DJ Sketch and pet SlugB - 7 total opposites, but united to get their funky positive music heard. Watch them struggle with each other and against arrogant rival band Boyz4Gurlz and endless predicaments in one crazy comedy that mixes character-driven humour with musical mayhem! Soul Jump has over 60,000 followers on Pop Jam and takes the whole idea of an animated band to the next level: Check the show's teaser:  
Client :
  • Animated Comedy Series
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  • Co-Viewing
  • Kids
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  • Co-Viewing