The Eggleys

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Imagination, Friendship and Adventure in a Crazy World of Craft! Enjy, Bombus and Strawb live in Eggleland, a colourful and creative make-and-do world built from every different crafting material you can imagine! The three friends all have different creative approaches to problem solving and find solutions in the craft materials they discover throughout Eggleland. From their hometown of Sunnyside, to the Tinfoil Lakes and the Cottonball Mountains, exciting adventures and new friends inspire the Eggleys to get creative with their surroundings to save the day. Energetic, funny story-telling set against hand-crafted landscapes puts a modern twist on a traditional hobby. This series encourages children to think outside the (cardboard) box when facing every day challenges, and discover how to bring imaginative adventures to life at home.

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  • Preschool
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  • Preschool