Under the Rug

Breeds is both an animated family comedy show mixed with a serial drama format. The series works for the new VOD style of viewing. The show is totally radical in that the characters actually evolve both physically and emotionally as demonstrated on the next page. The characters in the show are both very real and very surreal. This is the beauty of animation, we’ve blended a wonderful mix of both.

Expect high emotions and intense comedy.  From the insane love triangles between 20-30 somethings’ Xavin, Matt & Nancy to the teenage network of geeks Nigel, Keith & Brian versus Josh n’ Shane the introspective heart-throbs and their pursuit of the loveable but slightly self-centred Alesha and her crazy mate Sam. To the characters who push beyond the limit of reality altogether (we don’t have room on this page to explain the Harris! - please refer to page 10 if you dare!)

Breeds takes animation and drama to new levels that only intensifies as the series progresses. This is one evolving, highly addictive series with characters that really do grow with their audience...

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