Billy & Dizzle

6 Year-old Dizzle is on the Autistic Spectrum with higher functioning Autism. Due to his different way of seeing the world, he faces challenges but encounters wonderful advantages, too. Dizzle often finds social situations difficult. Expressing himself and social cues tend to pass him buy and can make him feel anxious. On the other hand, he has a wonderful imagination and way of solving problems. When he focuses on his passions such as music or construction he achieves awesome things! Growing up can be extra challenging for Dizzle, so every day, after school, Dizzle goes to his Nan’s house & plays with his best friend Billy Bird! The hook of the show is the fact that Dizzle has a special bond with Billy Bird. Somehow, in a similar way to how Christopher Robbin relates to the Winnie the Poo, excited silly Billy Bird, seems to ‘get’ Dizzle and his feelings. Dizzle talks through the thoughts that enter his head and Billy is able to talk with Dizzle despite their human/animal differences. But often, it‘s in their silent interactions that the deeper understanding of this duo reaches another level. It’s like they feel each others’ hearts. The only other character in the show that can understand what Billy Bird and his animal buddies are saying is Dizzle‘s best school mate Aisha. The underlying theme of the show is a beautiful message of understanding: “If we listen to each other enough, we can understand each other’s languagues’"
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