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The Zavers is a magical, surreal action-adventure pre-school series aimed at 4-7 year olds. Benji & Rosie are two 6 year olds with very active imaginations, especially when they go to sleep. Each episode dives into a wild dream of theirs – they could be on a treasure trail in the wild west, on the planet ‘Mars-mallow’ or in the year 3001 where robots play with kids all day and you go to school for 1 hour a day! Luckily this imaginative pair's dreams are overseen and protected by the ‘Sleep Heroes’. This group from the planet ‘Zzzzzz’ make sure that the pesky dream-ruining ‘Sleep Thieves’ don't disrupt the children's dreams. It’s up to curious commander ‘the Great Golloloy’ with his over-excited pillow Fluff, caring & cuddly ‘Bitzy Bear’ and that cheeky, bossy little princess ‘The Magic Nib’ to save kids sleep all around the universe - because ‘a good night’s sleep – makes tomorrow a treat!’
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  • Preschool
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