Meet SWISH: a sun bear with a magical secret.  With the aid of his special sunglasses, he is able to grant one wish every day!  Swish is Jolly Bear Lagoon’s happiest and most helpful bear.  At least he tries to be: he always means well, but what he imagines will happen when he makes the wish, is never the true outcome of his magic.  Sometimes it’s even better!  Whatever happens, Swish must deal with the unintended consequences of his wacky whimsy without the use of magic.  But in doing so, he learns the real magic lies in his creative and inventive ideas and the friends he shares them with.

“Hi, it’s me, magical sun bear Swish. Time to make my daily wish. Sunglasses on, so please listen well: My wish for today, I’m about to tell.”

Swish is renowned for his flights of fancy and ‘imaginary friends’, ie the viewer, but he always makes his wish in private: having been warned about ‘showing off’, he has to keep his magical power secret, otherwise it will fade.  So when no one is looking, he puts on his magic sunglasses, recites his rhyme, closes his eyes and turns his sunglasses towards the sun…
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  • Preschool
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