A Whole New Adventure Series King Bee have been co-developing a very exciting new series for kids and the whole family all about a very unique new breed of hero! The series is based on a fiction novel by Bibiano Alex Rocha all about a Brazilian dog called FOOSEEM. . FOOSEEM is a Brazilian dog who finds himself a stray dog in the big , historically rich city of London, Where the city has been taken over by a wicked, mafia-esque organisation of cats headed up by the malicious and coniving Katilana. Katilana's sole mission is to kill all dogs and ultimately rule over even humans. Her one main threat is our brave and forward thinking dog FOOSEEM. When FOOSEEM arrives in London, the only item he finds comfort in, is a book that he actually teaches himself his own system to read! The knowledge FOOSEEM gains from the power of reading, leads FOOSEEM to realise a magic that has been long forgotten in the human world - the power of knowledge. With this new power, FOOSEEM meets a whole new group of dogs headed up by posh and well groomed dog Lobloblo who is rather jealous of our big-nosed outsider. King Bee, talented creator Bibiano Alex Rocha and King Bee's wonderful character designer Genny have worked closely over the last year to fully develop the world and exciting new IP that is FOOSEEM. We see FOOSEEM as a hero for anyone who has ever entered a new county, not knowing the language and having to learn how to both fit in and yet find their unique voice in the world. With the art style as well ad the story telling, we strove towards a series that gives a nod to French comics and particularly Tin Tin whilst having a rich historic backbone celebrating London and its history through fresh eyes. We are currently seeking publishing and network partners who share our vision for a show with legs - four in fact and a tail!
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